David Carr’s First Front Page

While at the University of Minnesota, Carr reported for a local community newspaper.

Today, the late media reporter is back at the top of the Monticello Times Web fold:


Per former publisher and editor Donald Q. Smith, Carr appeared on the front page of the community newspaper way back in 1981:

Carr was one of six University of Minnesota community journalism students who spent a week at the paper in the early 1980s under the tutelage of Professor Walter Brovald, Smith recalled in an email.

An afternoon-long search of bound back editions eventually led to Vol. 112-No. 36. Carr is pictured on the May 7, 1981 front page with Smith, Brovald and five other journalism students, leaning up against a tree outside the Times’ former office on 116 E. River Street.

For the resulting two-page feature on the Monticello music scene, Carr profiled local rock band Flyers. RIP.