Interview: David After Dentist Dad On How Life Has Changed And New Toothbrush Campaign

DavidYesterday I wrote a post about the new Dr. Fresh Firefly toothbrush campaign, starring David from the YouTube viral hit ‘David After Dentist’. When David’s dad, David DeVore, left a comment responding to my post I decided to take the opportunity to get in touch with him and ask him a few questions about the new Dr. Fresh campaign, as well as the DeVore family’s experience with YouTube fame in general. Check out my interview with David’s Dad after the jump!

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, young David is the new product spokesman for Dr. Fresh’s FireFly toothbrush, a light-up toothbrush that makes brushing fun for kids. Dr. Fresh got in touch with David’s dad about creating a YouTube video about the toothbrush and the video launched last week. So far it’s got just over 15,000 views on David’s YouTube channel and 19,000 views on the Dr. Fresh YouTube channel. You can check the video out below.

I was curious to know how the YouTube commercial came to fruition. I asked David’s dad whether full creative control was in his hands, or whether they had help coming up with ideas and making the clip. Here’s what he told me:

“Both parties threw some ideas on the table at first to get an idea of what we wanted to say. They even talked about sending us to LA to tape a commercial then sending someone here to help us do it. What we ended up with was just a home movie that I shot and edited. They gave us some input and changes they wanted but it was basically David and I video taping on the fly (no pun intended). Once we got rolling it was pretty easy. The bonus was the vacation video we shot while this was going on. Made for a good video.”

When I asked him if we can expect to see more Dr. Fresh videos from David in the future, his dad told me, “Who knows? We are taking it one day at a time. We certainly hope there will be more. Would love to do a David After Dentist toothbrush.”

So how has the success of ‘David After Dentist’ affected the DeVores? Aside from being featured on the Today Show, on Comedy Central, being featured in a Super Bowl commercial and in other press outlets up the wazoo, I wondered how YouTube fame has affected David and his family. I asked David’s dad a few questions about the matter, and you can check out his responses below.

ST: Did you expect ‘David After Dentist’ to go viral, and how quickly did your life change once it did?

DD: Had no idea this would happen. It was crazy from the first week and hasn’t stopped. We are busier with it now than in the first 6 months.

ST: Is David After Dentist your full time job? What does it consist of?

DD: Well, I guess it is. I manage all the merchandising (orders, shipping, etc.). It’s a one-man show here in the back bedroom. I also do a few interviews and media requests and licensing offers. I also coach David’s football team and have another son, William. All of that sure adds up to full time.

We keep thinking this will all be over and I will have to do something else. Every time we think that, another project comes along.

There has been interest in how we have handled this unexpected event. People are curious about making money in social media space. We are no experts but I might put my thoughts on a blog post or two in the near future to see if anyone listens.

We would love for the ‘Is This Real Life?’ to become a brand, like Johnny Cupcakes and The Hundreds. Just gonna take it slow and steady, however.

ST: What kind of impact has becoming a YouTube celebrity had on David? Do kids at school treat him differently?

DD: He was always the cool kid at school. He gets along with everybody. This just gave him some additional attention for a few weeks.

ST: Has the experience impacted his hopes and dreams for what he might like to do in the future?

DD: Not really. He thinks its cool to see stuff on TV and the internet, but he has his own interests separate from that. Legos, video games, football, etc.

ST: Do people recognize David on the street? How does he react to the attention?

DD: A few times, but not regularly. He is fine with it. He tends to be shy with new people, so I have used these encounters to help teach him to respond and not be so shy.

David DeVore has mastered the art of taking a viral video and running with it, turning ‘David After Dentist’ into a successful business, turning his son into a brand and making a name for himself. What do you think of the ‘David After Dentist’ story and the new Dr. Fresh Firefly campaign? Do you have anything to say to David’s dad? Let us know in the comments!