Bleacher Report Co-Founder Launches New Website

Inverse is headquartered in San Francisco, with an editorial staff based in Brooklyn.

It’s called Inverse; it’s targeted at young men; and the Mission Statement reads as follows:

At Inverse, we obsess over one question: What could happen next? To provide answers — and there are many — we search out emerging ideas, new technologies, and simmering trends as well as fearless innovators, designers, and thinkers. We’re compulsively curious not only because we’re fans of progress, but also because we want a glimpse of the future and the chance to better plan for and enjoy tomorrow.

Launched officially out of beta today, the site is the brainchild of Dave Nemetz (pictured), co-founder of Bleacher Report. Per a report by Business Insider deputy editor Alyson Shontell, Nemetz has enlisted several former colleagues:

He’s co-founding the site with former Bleacher Report employees Winton Welsh, who is Inverse’s CTO, Steve Marshall, who is head of product and design and Michael Schaefermeyer and John Degner, who are senior engineers. The startup is based in San Francisco but a team of 15 writers led by Andrew Burmon, formerly of Maxim, is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Managing editor Burmon has an interesting feature crowning today’s launch, all about a Maine island purchased by the Chicago-based folks responsible for the game Cards Against Humanity. From his piece:

The long and the short of it seems to be that CAH wanted to own an island because they thought it would make people laugh. That meeting back in Chicago, the one where Temkin and his team decided to go through with the Bedke/Fox deal on Halloween, wasn’t really about Liberty or whether or not it’s in the middle of nowhere. The meeting was about a joke designed to make a very big audience laugh and maybe think and maybe even feel something. The details — all those things the company didn’t discuss when it crept into town and cold called Dan Miller — must have been considered secondary, if at all.

Other editorial personnel includes deputy editor Sam Eifling, senior editor Corban Goble and writers Yasmin Tayag, Lauren Sarner, David Turner, Matthew Strauss and Neel Patel. Read the official welcome from Nemetz here.
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