Facebook’s Next Data Center: Fort Worth, Texas

Facebook’s next data center will be located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Facebook’s next data center will be located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth will join the social network’s existing data centers in Altoona, Iowa; Prineville, Ore.; Forest City, N.C.; and Luleå, Sweden.

Facebook vice president of infrastructure Tom Furlong said in a Newsroom post that the data center in Fort Worth will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy, adding:

Like its predecessors, we expect Fort Worth to be one of the most advanced, efficient and sustainable data centers in the world. Our continuing work on data-center design is an important part of our overall infrastructure efficiency efforts, which have helped us save more than $2 billion in infrastructure costs over the past three years.

And like its immediate predecessor, Fort Worth will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy, thanks to the 200 megawatts of new wind energy we helped bring to the Texas grid as part of this deal. Thanks to our continued focus on efficiency and our investments in renewables in recent years, the carbon impact of one person’s use of Facebook for an entire year is the same as the carbon impact of a medium latte.

Facebook director of data-center operations, West region Ken Patchett said in a welcome note on the Fort Worth Data Center page:

We put a lot of effort into choosing where to locate a facility like this. There are a lot of things we look for—everything from a shovel-ready site, to access to renewable energy, to great partnerships with the local community to a strong pool of local talent for construction and long-term operations staff. We think we’ve found all that and more in Fort Worth, and we’re excited to be getting started.

Our Fort Worth facility will be one of the most advanced, efficient and sustainable data centers in the world. It will feature the latest in our Open Compute Project hardware designs—including Yosemite, Wedge and 6-pack—and it will be cooled using outdoor air instead of energy-intensive air conditioners. (Yes, we can make that work even in the middle of the kinds of summers we have here in Texas.)

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