Meet the Overseer of Brazil’s Vogue, Glamour and GQ

Via a crackling profile by The Business of Fashion.

VogueBrazilCoverEarlier this year, Daniela Falcão got a major promotion. The editor in chief of Vogue Brazil became the editorial director for all of Edições Globo Condé Nast, adding to her purview other national titles like Glamour and GQ. Today, Jorge Grimberg has shared a lively profile of the former newspaper reporter on website The Business of Fashion:

Ask veterans of Brazil’s close-knit fashion industry for their thoughts on Falcão and one word that comes up more than most is ‘hurricane’. She is indeed fast, voracious and unstoppable, but with an energy that is more contagious than it is intimidating. Unlike her more prickly counterparts helming other editions of Vogue around the world, Falcão’s more down-to-earth approach is something she probably picked up in her former life.

Falcão was first tipped away from the beat of hard news while attending Columbia University in New York. At the time, she was still a correspondent for paper Folha de Sao Paulo, but because of her new location, she started covering major entertainment events.

For the article, Grimberg also spoke to a publicist who explained how Falcão quickly became an influential person in the Brazilian fashion industry after joining Vogue in 2005. Read the rest here.