Daniel Clowes is So Not An Art School Snob

Daniel Clowes is So Not An Art School Snob

GhostWorld.jpgFrom the August/September issue of ReadyMade (we promise to get through this issue eventually):

RM: So you ended up applying to art schools. You got into Pratt and moved to New York…

DC: It’s impossible not to get into Pratt. I got into Parsons, too, but I chose Pratt because they had a dorm.

Zing! Yeah, and we got into Harvard, but we chose Stanford because they had really delicious tuna melts on Fridays. Actually, we know next to nothing about the reputations of various art schools, so we did some research and here’s what some guy on the Archinect forums had to say.

I worked for a kool guy who went to Pratt, or was it Cooper Union? Anyway, this jerk never recycled & smoked cigarettes. Plus he wasn’t a good Christian. Actually, now, he lives in a Jersey suburb. Anyway, he designed a lot of stuff painted red. I guess they do that in Boston. Oh yeah, he really dug that Architect from Finland. What was his name? Goldberg, or something.

OK, Pratt sounds pretty awesome.

(We are actually quite psyched for Daniel Clowes’ new film Art School Confidential. We love us some John Malkovich. Malkovich Malkovich.)