Daniel Baldwin–In Trouble Again and Again and Again


FBLA recalls some old saying about trouble coming in threes. Daniel Baldwin might agree.

The actor was arrested in Santa Monica for stealing a GMC Yukon, and possession of illegal drugs. He’s out on bail.

“The car belongs to an acquaintance of Mr. Baldwin, but he had no permission to take it,” said Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County sheriff’s department.

Whatever that means. Did he just meet some hapless soul in a strip club and boost his car?

Baldwin-ologists will recall that he was arrested in April for investigation of cocaine possession (no charges filed) and in July, he crashed a rented Thunderbird after speeding through Brentwood.

What a busy, busy boy! With rather dull tastes in automobiles.

Or is this a cry for attention in a case of classic sibling rivalry? The other bros are in the news, so he had to act up. Go ahead, William, top this.