Dana Milbank Deserves His Own TV Show

From yesterday’s Reliable Source chat:

    Just Curio, US: I thought the article by Dana Milbank and Libby Copeland about the after parties was hilarious … but I had two questions. First, how did Dana Milbank get this gig? I thought he was a political reporter? And secondly, I always thought he seemed like he would be … stuffy…but he seemed like a gas in the article. Is he really like that?

    I realize that question may not be appropriate for Reliable Source, but I just wanted to ask! I love you guys!

    Amy Argetsinger: Dana is one of the most versatile, multi-talented entertainers of our time. He’s been a political reporter and a Style section reporter, and a political reporter for Style, and a White House reporter, and now a columnist. If you know Dana, it made perfect sense to have him working the party story. Seriously, he should have his own TV show — kind of a public-affairs/variety thing, I’m thinking. It could be like a cross between “Washington Week in Review” and “The Sonny and Cher Show.”

P.S. Our impression from the Milbank/Copeland piece was that Copeland’s voice came through much more than Milbank’s, so your satisfaction with the piece was probably determined by whether you’re a fan of Milbank’s writing style or Copeland’s.