Dan Abrams’s Empire Grows

The owner of Mediaite, Styleite, and three other properties is planning to add another three in early 2011, the New York Times reports.

Mogulite will cover famous business personalities, Mary Sue will be a technology news blog for women, and an as-yet-unnamed job board is “intended to compete with Mediabistro.com,” the NYT says. (Hellooooooo? We’re right over here!)

Much of owner Dan Abrams’ success so far, says the NYT, comes from their ability to attract traffic despite their leanness. So the new sites will only take “a handful” of hires, and the pay starts at just $30,000 plus bonuses. But Abrams has not had trouble hiring so far—there’s certainly a cachet. And after these three launches, there may be more: a food site and a women-oriented site at least.