Dan Abrams: “We’re Making a Profit”

For those working at Mediaite, here’s some good news. Founder of Abrams Media, publisher of Mediaite, Dan Abrams says his company will soon be profitable. And here’s some news for those wanting to work for Mr. Abrams, he’s launching three new sites.

Abrams spoke at an Advertising Week forum this morning, and he declared that his company “will be profitable in January or February,” according to Business Insider. He went on to defend digital media as a whole, particularly the sites that aggregate other news, like Mediaite.

“To suggest that digital media as a whole isn’t going to be profitable is ridiculous,” said Abrams. “If you’re doing good content and you’ve got devoted communities of people coming to your site, you’re not only going to be successful, but profitable. I’m not doing this because it’s a vanity project, I’m doing it because we’re making a profit.”

And, of course, the most important news for those looking for jobs, Abrams plans to launch three sites, but he did not appear to go into great detail about the new ventures.