Daly Cooks Bacon

Boston University professor Chris Daly isn’t a huge fan of the Post’s Perry Bacon following Bacon’s front page story that has been panned in several places. He calls it “the worst political reporting of 2007.” And, now, he’s using that story to raise some other questions about the Post’s political coverage, namely by singling out Bacon’s age — 27 — as a way of criticizing the Post’s “fast-tracking.”

But, to be fair, the Post is full of young reporters. Eli Saslow (25), Amit Paley (25), Ylan Mui (26), Jose Antonio Vargas (26), Krissah Williams (28), Libby Copeland (31). True, none of them are writing front-page political pieces similar to Bacon’s Obama piece, but Chris Cillizza is only 31 he he’s certainly made the front page with political stories.

Daly may raise some good points and Bacon’s piece has already been examined and critiqued to death. But criticizing the age of the Post’s reporters is easily Daly’s weakest argument and also one that suggests an old-fashioned, “these young whipper snappers are nothing but trouble,” boys in the smoke filled room, “that’s the way it was and we liked it” mentality that — thankfully — is fading away.

Via Romenesko, we see that Seth Mnookin and Michael Barbaro are also chiming in on Daly’s post.