DailyCandy Tries E-Commerce With Swirl

swirl.jpgFashion and lifestyle e-newsletter DailyCandy launches its members-only, curated sample sale Web site Swirl, Sample Sales by DailyCandy today. A “limited number of first-come, first-served DailyCandy subscribers” will be privy to a sale of Alisha Levine knits today, as DailyCandy branches out into a new line of revenue: e-commerce.

Following the model of sites like Gilt Groupe, Swirl has one unique feature: it’s curated by DailyCandy’s editors. Explained the company:

“Since most sample sale sites replicate the same random experience a traditional outlet store or offline sample sale offers, DailyCandy’s trusted editorial eye will lend much-needed credibility to the category.”

And the site, led by former DailyCandy editor in chief Eve Epstein, is offering special deals to DailyCandy subscribers. Not only do they get early access to the beta version before its official launch in January, subscribers will get other perks like special sales, one-time discounts or deals on shipping. Swirl will also be “editorially integrated” into DailyCandy’s daily emails.

With so many of these exclusive, members-only sample sale sites popping up, Swirl might just get lost in the mix. But we have a feeling loyal DailyCandy readers will be intrigued enough to check it out. Will you?

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