Daily News Sees 26 Percent Drop In Web Traffic


When the Daily News redesigned their Web site this past March, the general consensus is that it was a dud. Nielsen NetRatings indicate the site has been hemorrhaging users; the News has seen a 26 percent drop in unique visitors over the past year. That nugget and some more background on the troubled redesign is buried in Keith Kelly‘s Media Ink in the Post today. Between the numerous swipes at their rival, there’s actually some interesting stuff — including a possible conflict of interest for News EIC Martin Dunn:

The Web site which has undergone three major redesigns in the last seven years, has been a sore spot for the Daily News. Its long planned re-launch was delayed for months while Dunn searched for a team to put it together. The Post revealed that Dunn had imported cronies from a company he co-founded, London-based Web design firm Front of Mind, to the United States to redo the site.

At the time, the Post revealed that Dunn was still listed as a prominent stockholder, so it appeared that awarding the contract to the firm was a form of feathering his own nest. Dunn insisted that the stock in the company had been sold when he returned to the Daily News in 2002. Filings made earlier this year at Companies House, a financial information clearinghouse in Britain, showed that Dunn had indeed sold the stock. But the sale was registered precisely one day after the Post had called to inquire his ownership.

Also noted: In the continuing News bloodbath, the latest casualty is Web editor Kevin Hayes. He has been replaced by former deputy sports editor Adam Berkowitz.


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