Daily Caller, WaPo Clash Over Hookers

When it comes to using Dominican prostitutes as presumably well-greased sources, whom do you trust?

WaPo‘s Carol D. Leonnig and Ernesto Londoño published a story yesterday that appears to debunk a previous report by The Daily Caller that two prostitutes in the Dominican Republic were patronized by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.). The report says a new legal affidavit demonstrates that The DC’s sources were paid to lie about Menendez.

“The Washington Post piece today on Menendez and the Dominican hookers was completely, utterly wrong,” TheDC Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson tweeted. “Our story coming soon.” Though WaPo’s piece says the authors tried contacting Carlson for comment, Carlson tweeted that email time stamps show Leonnig emailed him “more than 30 minutes after posting her story.” We’ve reached out to WaPo for an official time stamp on its story as well as The DC for the time stamp on the email. A WaPo spokesperson simply said, “We stand by our reporting.”

The DC‘s outgoing Executive Editor David Martasko hit back at WaPo with a followup story. An excerpt:

“While the Post said it had an affidavit from a woman in the Dominican Republic admitting she fabricated claims Menendez paid her for sex, that woman was not one of the two prostitutes TheDC interviewed for a Nov. 1 report. …

“Post reporter Carol D. Leonnig did not respond to requests for comment Monday night, and did not provide TheDC with a copy of the affidavit.”

The DC also issued a statement, saying it stands by its reporting.

Here, readers serve as judge, jury and executioner. Take our Fish Poll and vote on whose side you’re taking. We’ll post the results tomorrow.