Fine Print: The Daily Beast Looks To The Future

The Daily Beast’s talks with new Newsweek owner Sidney Harman may have dissolved, but that doesn’t mean that the website isn’t still looking towards print as it makes plans for future expansion. IAC chief and Daily Beast co-founder Barry Diller spoke to Kevin Auletta about the site’s plans moving forward at The Daily Beast Innovator Summit in New Orleans:

“One way or the other,” Diller said, “we’ll either buy or create some form of print product,” he said. “As much as digital of course is going to take more and more share, advertisers like to have a print representation of what they’re trying to say, if it’s tied well and into this very fast moving Internet publication,” he said, citing Politico and The Economist.

Check out the video above for more on how Diller views The Daily Beast’s plans to reach “pain in the ass” influencers.