D. Shuster Gives Delicious Flirting Warning

We so adore soon-to-be Current TV’s David Shuster here in the Fishbowl because he never fails to give us something funky to work with. Funky is not a word we use lightly. Whether the ex-MSNBCer is allegedly crashing a late-night MSNBC party (he insists he was invited), insulting USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page over the old-school ways of Washington’s Gridiron Dinner, playing air guitar or getting his car booted, he’s a ball of priceless intrigue.

Late last night he declared his flirtatious intentions for a certain liberal radio host.

He wrote on Twitter: “I’ll be talking (and flirting) with my friend Stephanie Miller on her @smshow tomorrow 10:30am eastern. Lots of political news…”

D. Shuster is phoning into Miller’s radio program this morning at 10:30 a.m. ET. We hope he won’t be “flirting” over the Weiner matter, but you never know what will happen when Shuster shows up. The show can be heard live on both XM and Sirius on America Left 127 from 10 a.m. to 12noon ET.