D. Shuster Emerges Again to Offer ‘Insight’

MSNBC’er in Purgatory David Shuster has emerged again.

This time he turned up and attracted a full house of students and faculty at Rider University in New Jersey last Tuesday.  He was there to discuss the midterm elections. “Sweigart Auditorium was filled to capacity” reported a story in the school newspaper, The Rider News. Sifted into his message, as reported by the newspaper was that, “Politicians tend to be much more complex, complicated figures than you may see on cable news or the evening newscast,” he said.

Shuster, too, is complex. The school newspaper story made zero mention of Shuster’s MSNBC suspension and went off the rails when it remarked on Shuster’s career: “Shuster started his career as a young intern at CNN and worked there for several years before moving on to an ABC affiliate based in Little Rock, Ark. Shuster was able to persevere and make his way to becoming the anchor on MSNBC’s Hardball.”

“Persevere” is strong. So is “anchor.” Shuster was never “the anchor” on MSNBC’s Hardball hosted by Chris Matthews. He had occasionally filled in for Matthews and at one point was “a lead correspondent” for the show – but that was the extent of it. He had his own time slot at 3 p.m. on MSNBC and was suspended in April, 2010. He was previously suspended in 2008 when he remarked that Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign was “pimping out Chelsea.” There’s no sign that Shuster is returning to the network anytime soon. Last time we communicated with D. Shuster, he continued to maintain that he was still on suspension.