D.C. Journos-Stars Get Cameos in ‘Advise and Dissent’


Several members of D.C.’s Fourth Estate got cameos in the upcoming film “Advise and Dissent” that premiers tonight at the E-Street Cinema. If you don’t already have a ticket, you can try begging or else forget about it, it’s sold out, organizers tell FishbowlDC. David Van Taylor produced and directed the film.


Brian Wilson, FNC
Gwen Ifill, Newshour
Nina Totenberg, NPR
Tom Curry, MSNBC
Charlie Savage, NYT
Steve Handelsman, NBC
Ed Henry, CNN
Jess Holland, AP
John Fund, WSJ (caught on film complementing Manuel Miranda for his work in derailing the Meirs nomination resulting in nominating “two Catholic white males.”

News footage of the following is also featured in “Advise & Dissent”: CNN’s Joe Johns, Gloria Borger, Wolf Blitzer, and Dana Bash, FNC’s Shephard Smith, The Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson, ABC’s Bob Woodruff, and NBC’s David Gregory.

Following the screening will be a panel discussion hosted by Jan Crawford, CBS News Chief Legal Correspondent and featuring Van Taylor and participants in the film. The discussion will focus on the recent history chronicled in “Advise & Dissent” and what it reveals about the upcoming Supreme Court nomination and confirmation.

See the trailer here.