Cyndi Lauper to Capitol Hill

The stars just won’t stop coming to Washington. Can we block them at the airport?

Next week Cyndi Lauper will pop into D.C. for a couple of days to accept an award on May 9th from Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius for her work to end homelessness and visit lawmakers on Capitol Hill. We hear she’s going to meet up with the Sanchez sisters (California Dems Loretta and Linda) for a “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” singalong.

In all seriousness, Lauper will join True Colors Fund for a lobby day to educate legislators and the public on the underfunded minimally addressed national epidemic of LGBT homelessness. A whopping 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT. In incredibly disproportionate numbers gay kids are pushed out, neglected, ostracized, abused and left to fend for themselves in the most traumatic of circumstances.

We hope lawmakers will focus on that right after the gawking and photo opps that will inevitably occur.