Cyber Monday: Press Releases Down; Sales Up


You do know Cyber Monday is fake, right? It’s marketing term created by the National Retail Federation for a day that is supposed to be the biggest online shopping day of the year, except it isn’t. In fact, one of the frequently asked questions on the NRF’s website is, “Was Cyber Monday ‘made up?'” This PRNewser remembers pitching the first Cyber Monday back in his agency days in 2005.

Nevertheless, the promotions continue to increase. Comscore is predicting a sales increase of 6% over last year, reaching $900 million. Amazingly, a quick wire search for “Cyber Monday” shows only about a dozen press releases, compared to 144 last year. Could it be that more retailers are going the social media route and bypassing “formal” communications?

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UPDATE: As a commenter notes, the 144 number listed above is for all of 2008, as opposed to just one day. If you do the same search for 2009, you see only a slight decline to approximately 120, and that still doesn’t factor in the remainder of December. So, as of now, there is only a slight decrease.