Cutting Through the Noise at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Perhaps the grand-daddy of all trade shows, the Consumer Electronics show is in full swing here in Las Vegas, NV. It’s one of those events that’s big enough for media companies to issue press releases highlighting their coverage plans, which we recently reported on.

This PRNewser is on the ground for the show, scoping out the happenings and trends. Here are some things that we’ve noticed so far.

  • This is perhaps the most annoying time of the year for reporters. The number of pitches, press releases and meeting requests is relentless, and this year is no exception. It’s such a flood that most reporters have no choice but to ignore everything and just go with a few trusted sources or head to the big keynotes and press conferences. Witness this tweet from AllThingsD MediaMemo editor Peter Kafka: “‘Expert available’ delete. ALL CAPS delete. ‘Breaking CES News’ delete.”
  • The show is not just about tech, or consumer electronics. This has been a theme for many years, but seems especially evident this year. One example: PR agency M. Booth & Associates has a large booth on the floor for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Also this from the Globe and Mail‘s Omar El Akkad: “The last CES-related PR e-mail I got before I hopped the flight to Vegas was from a company that makes mattresses.”

  • Companies are not being shy in issuing a TON of news. Exhibit A: This tweet from TechRepublic editor Jason Hiner: “Just heard from @ldignan and @editorialiste that Verizon unloaded 30 press releases at once. #CES
  • Golin Harris is here working the Nintendo account, which they’ve held for quite some time. Golin Harris’ Rich Gallagher is getting the word out for Nintendo 3DS: “@ClaytonMorris happy to show you the Nintendo 3DS at #CES tomorrow. DM me for deets”
  • BusinessWire wins business: I heard from a BusinessWire executive that the company won the entire CES business this year. It’s the official wire service and handling online press kits for the event. Given the amount of news issued here, that looks to be a big coup for the company.
  • Trends: Tablets and social/3D TV seem to be among the most talked about trends. ABC News has a nice recap of others.

Of course, there is much, much, much more going on here. For an in-depth recap of yesterday’s press day, head on over to Mashable, and stay tuned for more coverage here on PRNewser.