Current TV’s Bringing Truth Back To Journalism

From hiring Keith Olbermann and Internet pioneer  Cenk Uygur to expanding into daytime with shows featuring  Stephanie Miller and Bill Press, Current TV has undergone a great deal of changes since its launch in 2005. And co-founder Joel Hyatt, who stepped back into the CEO role in July 2012, says the network won’t be stopping its hiring spree any time soon.

“We’re going to look for budding journalists, young journalists who we think are really smart with a bright future, get them on Current,” said Hyatt in our So What Do You Do? interview.

And with this younger on-air talent appealing to a more engaged audience, the Current chief hopes to present a clearer view of true journalism on the airwaves.

“There are times in which the cable networks do a really outstanding job; there are times in which I think the job they do is embarrassingly bad,” he said. “I think that what journalism needs to do is seek truth. And that means care about facts, care about science, care about reasoning, and help provide context to the audience.”

But the reality, said Hyatt, is that “we’ve seen so much of professional journalism dissipate away to be replaced by infotainment, entertainment and frankly I think pure fraud, since it’s being passed along, purported to be news. It’s just a fraud to call it news.” Read the full interview.