Current TV Continues to Grow

Over a year ago, Maris broadcast that Current TV is where online TV is at! Now, with some major improvements under their belt – the site is hotter than ever – with impressive Alexa traffic data to back it up.current_logoIn 2005 Current TV made a splash with it’s unique concept of user-generated content. By regularly featuring “content that matters,” the site has resonated with youth around the globe, leveling the journalism playing field.

Based around the concept of “pods” (narrative videos that are generally a few minutes long), Current continues to “democratize the media.”

Part of what has given Current a second life are the community features they’ve build into the mix. Videos, articles and images can be shared with friends and voted on. Also, you can embed any single pod, uploaded video or Viewpoints recording.

Everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame on the Web. Current lets you double your chances by not only making you a “star” on the Internet – but on old school television as well.

It would be impossible to write about Current without mentioning one-time American presidential candidate Al Gore. Yes, he is the chairman of the company. But that does not mean the entire site is all global warming all of the time. In fact, while politics do make up the majority of content, it’s clear that both sides get a voice. And that my friends is what democracy is all about.