Curbed ‘Going to Rethink’ Newly-Acquired Gridskipper

Curbed.jpgChanges may soon be afoot at Gridskipper, the travel blog Gawker Media offloaded this morning to the Curbed network in its three-blog fire sale. “We’re going to rethink it a little bit,” Curbed president Lockhart Steele said of his hyper-local network’s new blog-baby. “We’re thinking about the fact that Gridskipper never had a local mooring.”

Staff shifts within Gridskipper’s current 45-person masthead could ensue since “Gawker has the ability to operate the site with a much bigger editorial budget than we do,” Steele said. His “honest answer” on current Gridskipper writers’ fates, after the jump.

“The honest answer is that Gawker ran the site on a large editorial budget and we don’t have that,” Steele said. “We’re going to investigate working with as many of the current writers as possible.”

As for rooting globally-minded Gridskipper more for readers in space as well as within the Curbed network, Steele seems to deem both a priority. “Curbed sites are all very local, so we’re thinking about how to do more with that,” Steele said of Gridskipper’s editorial direction going forward. “Its current purview is so broad that daily readers of the site don’t really get a good sense of what the blog is trying to be. So, we’re thinking about that.”

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