Crytek, DeNA release The Collectables on iOS


Crytek and DeNA have announced the release of The Collectables on iOS devices. The game was inspired by over-the-top action movies, and sees players commanding a group of soldiers through more than 40 missions in its campaign. Each mission offers third-person tactical combat gameplay, as players can command their mercenaries as a group, or individually, depending on the location and quest.

Players can control up to four heroes in each battle, with the team being highly customizable before each mission. That is, while players have access to multiple kinds of units, including heavy gunners, engineers, riflemen and medics, they can choose to take an entire team of one kind of unit into battle, if the environment calls for it.

For instance, some levels offer long-range combat, so players may wish to focus heavily on rifleman. On the other hand, engineers pack a punch with their shotguns, so a smaller environment might call for a team of engineers. Each unit has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, but players can replay missions time and time again until they’ve found the setup that works best for each environment.


In addition to simply offering practice with units, replaying missions gives players new rewards, as a way to incentivize repeat gameplay. During combat, units attack enemies automatically, without the need to micromanage individual units. The game is entirely touch-based, without virtual joysticks. Players simply tap or drag lines to move their units into cover, or lead them through the environment.

In between missions, players can use their collected fuel, a virtual currency, to upgrade special abilities, their heroes and more. These special abilities are housed on Action Cards, which are presented at the bottom of the screen during battle. If there’s an item players aren’t using, like an extra hero or weapon, they can recycle that item to receive more fuel, unlocking more upgrades for the tools they like best.

“Crytek managed to do the unthinkable and integrate their remarkable CRYENGINE technology into the company’s first free-to-play mobile game,” said Barry Dorf, head of strategic partnerships at DeNA. “The Collectables is a visually stunning and explosive gameplay experience that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on mobile devices.”

Crytek has big plans for The Collectables going forward, including the release of new content (including limited edition content), new heroes, new weapons and more.

The Collectables is now available for free on iPhone and iPad. An Android version is in the works, but the release date hasn’t been set. Check back soon to follow The Collectables on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

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