Cruise the BLTWY for a Celebrity-Like Look at Politics from MSNBC, BermanBraun

Forget red states and blue states, and how politicians and candidates feel about issues: BLTWY, from and BermanBraun, dives right into the more important things, such as what political figures are wearing, where they’re eating, and how they’re spending their free time.

The look at the celebrity side of politics features a dynamic homepage, photo galleries, interactive polling, social-media integration, videos, and stories from the MSNBC Digital Network of sites, with BermanBraun spearheading build and design and overseeing programming and operations.

MSNBC Digital Network president Charlie Tillinghast said:

This new site feeds the growing appetite for lifestyle news about the political arena. The original concept and unique presentation are sure to attract consumers and the advertisers looking to connect with them.

BermanBraun partners Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun added:

The world of politics is a natural extension of the Wonderwall brand we have built with MSN. We are thrilled to be in business with the MSNBC Digital Network team to explore this exciting new territory.