Crowdsource Photojournalism Projects With

When you’re an independent journalist, it can be difficult to raise funding for purchasing equipment, covering travel, and pursuing your stories. Crowdfunding is a popular method of fund raising, and services like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and ChipIn can make the process easy. There’s now a new crowdfunding platform on the Internet — — and it’s specifically for photojournalists.

The project acceptance process on is very similar to other crowdfunding services. Photojournalists must draft a compelling proposal including a detailed budget, and a team of advisors reviews the proposal for acceptance onto the site. Contributions start at $10, and like Kickstarter, projects must be fully funded by the proposal’s deadline in order to receive funding. has an interesting model that builds on the traditional notion of crowdfunding. If you fund up to 50% of any given project, you can acquire first publication rights. The site has already funded six projects, raising just over $75,000. has forged partnerships with Reporters without Borders and World Escapade Travel Insurance, and the British Journal of Photography (among others).

The site is still fairly new, and there are several interesting photojournalism projects available for funding. The specific niche that serves can help projects stand out from other crowdfunding platforms, especially with the possibility of acquiring first publication rights. Take a look at the projects over at and help fund the next great photojournalism project!