Crook and the FT

A few people have written in, wondering about the specifics of Clive Crook’s new relationship with the Financial Times.

Crook tells FishbowlDC:

    Well, I was delighted of course to be given those titles. I’m really grateful to Lionel Barber and the FT for giving me this assignment, and I’ll be seeking to repay the vote of confidence by helping out wherever I can, so my relationship with them will certainly not be “file and forget”. But the core commitment is the weekly column. I think I can combine that successfully with my writing and other commitments at The Atlantic and National Journal, but obviously we’ll all be watching to see how it goes. It’s up to me to make a success of it. Bear in mind, it won’t hurt The Atlantic/NJ for me to gain a higher profile as a writer–something I badly need to do after laboring in anonymity for so many years at The Economist. Both sides are fully in the picture about what I’ve promised the other, and gave me their blessing to do this.