Critiquing the Critiquers

What an odd week for the Post…

First, the person who’s supposed to keep everyone else at the paper in line is called out herself

Then, this: Jerry Knight, Local Stocks Columnist/TV business reporter on the Financial desk, takes to the Post’s internal critique board to criticize the way in which the paper’s internal critiquers are critiquing the newspaper (say that five times fast).

See Knight’s thoughts after the jump…

    Where is it written that these critiques must be done in a vacuum?

    The first thing I noticed when I picked up the papers on my lawn this morning was that we did not have a word on the cisneros special prosecutor story, which got two columns across the top of Brand X.

    This is a highly competitive business, but our crit’ers only read one newspaper.

    They rarely if ever point out stories that we got scooped on, missed or simply ignored.

    For example, look back at last week’s coverage of the Deetroit auto show, the annual excuse to kick the tires of the new models and take the temperature of the industry.

    There was nothing wrong with our stories–but our coverage started Wednesday on an event that began Sunday. By the time we published, the TV networks had run packages for three nights in a row. The NYT, Wall Street Journal and USA2day started on Monday, showering their readers with stories about the new toys and the plight of the industry . Lots of NYT readers may not own cars, but delivered a car freak’s dream of new model coverage–better than the websites of any of the auto buff books. Check out against our our website for comparision. Or take the time to read last week’s auto industry stories in all four publications. Then give me a critique.