New Magazine Will Alternate Between Hamptons, Aspen

First issue of Hamptons Purist will arrive in May

Here’s an intriguing business model. After issues tied to this coming Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day weekends, Hamptons Purist, a new magazine being launched by Modern Luxury vet Cristina Cuomo, will become something else entirely. The focus, per the seasons, will shift to Colorado chic and a flipside fourth issue titled Aspen Purist, set to arrive in time for Thanksgiving.

From Keith J. Kelly’s item:

“Wellness is the new luxury,” said Cuomo. “We make choices every day in style, culture, design, fitness and food–and wellness is at the center of them all. Wellness is no longer an indulgence–it’s a way of life–and good health is our principal asset.”

Cuomo, married to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, was a victim last fall of downsizing by Modern Luxury, where she oversaw Beach and Manhattan magazines. As Cuomo once told an interviewer, she has been spending time in the Hamptons “since she was born.”