Crimes Against Urbanity (This Time It’s Personal)

Crimes Against Urbanity (This Time It's Personal)

amanda.jpgSocial X-Ray/City Planning chair Amanda Burden impressively comes in at fourteen out of the Fifty Most Loathsome New Yorkers according to cranky weekly New York Press. Her boss, Mayor Bloomberg earns the top spot. The Press minced no words about Burden (or anyone else for that matter):

Once the hope of the public-interest planning community, Burden gets loathsome points for dating Charlie Rose, but earns her way onto the list in her own right for heading up a rubber-stamp commission that betrays the true mandate of the city land-use approval process. When she sat on the board of the commission, Burden was considered a thoughtful and innovative urban planner. Since taking the body’s helm in 2002, she’s become the ultimate City Hall insider, presiding over an authoritarian commission that has approved massive zoning changes throughout the city and paved the way for big developers for decades to come. Like the mayor who appointed her, this Upper East Side daughter of society fashion icon Babe Paley doesn’t need to work for a living; she does it to serve the people of New York City. Too bad she doesn’t listen to them more.