CREDO Teams Up with Mother Jones Against Rep. Bachmann


Mother Jones subscribers will be getting a pushy message in their inboxes today. “Mother Jones thought you might be interested in this message from CREDO Mobile,” the e-mail says.

That message from Mother Jones and CREDO is clear – if you sign up for AT&T, you’re writing a campaign check to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). AT&T, they say, has given Bachmann $17,000, including $5,000 in this current election cycle. “That’s a lot of money for someone who described President Obama as “anti-American,” the e-mail ad states.

Not persuasive enough? They move on to the lighter topics of gay marriage and abortion…Also, find out what other D.C.-related matter CREDO was involved in this week (Hint: Helen Thomas’s White House seat)…

“Rep. Bachmann supports a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage, co-sponsored legislation to extend personhood rights to fetuses, compared the federal BP oil spill compensation fund to “extortion” and stated she wants her constituents “armed and dangerous” over cap-and-trade legislation,” the ad states.

But you have a choice, CREDO insists. Of course, the only “right” choice is to make the switch to CREDO Mobile and sign up for one of their phone plans.

CREDO Action, as many may remember from earlier this week, is the progressive group that went after Fox News in an effort to prevent the network from getting the White House briefing room seat formerly occupied by longtime reporter Helen Thomas. FNC didn’t get Thomas’s seat, but made it to the front row anyhow.