CREDO Attempts Lemonade Out of Anti-FNC Petitions (i.e. the Lemons)


CREDO Action, the progressive group that sent the White House Correspondents’ Association boxes of petitions with 491,000 signatures against Fox News getting Helen Thomas’s front row briefing room seat, is claiming victory.

For what exactly, we’re not sure.

It’s true, FNC did not get Thomas’s seat, but they did get a front row seat out of Sunday WHCA proceedings in which board members decided that AP and FNC would move to the front. AP is moving into Thomas’s seat.


Still, CREDO is ecstatic about something. In a Facebook post, the group included the above anti-Fox symbol and wrote: “CREDO Mobile We beat Fox! The rightwing propaganda outlet campaigned hard for the seat vacated by Helen Thomas. But thanks to massive public backlash driven by you and delivered daily by CREDO, the White House Correspondents Association had no choice but to deny Fox the symbolic seat.”