Creative Review Has Its Readers Look Into a Mirror For a Month


We first found it over at Swissmiss, but making the rounds here and there recently is the new feature up over at Creative Review, “A Month in the Life of a Graphic Designer,” in which Michael C. Place of the design firm Build is keeping a journal of all his daily doings as a designer. That description sounds kind of interesting at first, but once you get into it, you realize how dull the life of a designer is. And furthermore, as also stated in the numerous comments below the journal, you start to wonder, “Isn’t Creative Review a magazine pretty exclusively catered to designers? Why would they want to read about the exact same kinds of fairly boring things they’re doing all day?” We can see this maybe being of interest in some general sort of magazine who don’t live this life everyday, but it’s not really coming across as very interesting to we who go through these same paces, day to day. Though apparently the keeping of the blog is just a transparent work in progress for a version that will appear in print in a future issue, so we’ll see what comes of it.