Create Your Own Private Social Network With Celly

There’s no need to hunt for the best social network on the web when you can create your own with Celly. The app lets you create instant, social “cells” capable of merging and connecting to other social cells.

Celly is a great tool for emerging communities – like school groups, small businesses, or non-profits. Cells are perfect for group communication, information sharing, polling, and much more. Each cell can control its own privacy and numbers so you’ll never have to worry about constantly changing privacy policies like Facebook Groups, disappearing functions like Google Groups, and impossible to navigate user interface like Yahoo Groups.

For all of the entertaining memes and games social networks typically offer, Celly’s concept and model has real productivity assets for real-world scenarios. Currently, primarily teachers and students use Celly, but the City of Portland is also jumping on board with its own cell. Portland citizens can join for up-to-date alerts about neighborhood news and gang related activity.

“We used [Celly] to put out the SOS that Occupy Wall Street was being evicted from [Zuccotti Park]. That text message instantly notified over 5,000 people – and was directly to thank for turning out all those people who came to be witness to history that night.”Shawn Carrié, member of Occupy Wall Street’s Tech Ops Working Group, New York, NY