Create a Virtual Flipbook With Daily Mugshot

daily_mugshotOne of the things I appreciate most about the people I follow on Twitter is their ability to make me aware of Web destinations I didn’t know existed. In case you’ve forgotten, the Web is a massive place, one where it’s impossible to be aware of every neat tool or service.

The most recent Web site to grab my attention is DailyMugShot, a site that garnered a lot of attention in early ’08.

The Web site enables registered users to take a daily photograph of your face and then turn all of the results into a ‘flipbook.’ Virtual flipbooks can be viewed or shared for free. Photos can be taken with a stationary Web cam or uploaded from a digital camera. The hardest thing about using the iste is positioning yourself in the same place everyday. This is not an essential component, but will create the best results.

Since finding out about the site I have built the photo into my daily routine. I’m not doing this to share my ugly mug with the world, rather to chronicle how I age and how my weight fluctuates. I’m not sure if this little experiment is rooted in science or vanity, but at a few seconds a day, I think it’s worth my time. And in case I forget, the site allows you to set up a reminder system.

There’s an iPhone app too. Head over to the Apple iTunes store and do a search for “Daily Mugshot.”

Anyone can browse ‘Mugshows’ of people who have opted to go public. You can view them here.

If you want to share you DMS, leave the link below. Happy clicking!