Create a Social Network of your Real Neighbors with AroundMe

Social networks were built around people who congregate virtually online. It has replaced the usual “real-life” meeting of people. It is both positive and negative in a way. Positive because it has now become so much easy to meet new people. gain friends, build business network. Negative, because it has replaced the “human side” of meeting new friends and building community. So, new social networking tool AroundMe, is certainly most welcome in this day and age of “virtual” social networking.

AroundMe still believes in real network of real people, real shops, real restaurants and real local organizations. It aims to bridge the gap between people within a neighborhood that even includes local merchants. All in the name of creating vibrant communities supported by lively interchange of knowledge.

AroundMe allows local merchants to connect with fellow citizens and participate in discussions to offer better services.

To let real people do this, AroundMe is offering several services. AroundMe Happenings lets you know what’s new in your area. Neighborhood lets you get together with new or existing friends, to form groups with neighbor who share your interest. Reviews lets you find what your neighbors have to say about business establishments, hence giving you the best choice based on others’ experiences. And if you’ve noticed, AroundMe has been promoting local merchants/local business, so what better way to do this but to offer a trading facility such as the AroundMe Classifieds. And of course who wouldn’t want some nice Deals, extra discount and coupons? AroundMe also has a specific area for that.

AroundMe is a location-based service. So to use its facilities, you will be asked for your area zip code before it gives you what you are searching for in your neighborhood.