Crazy Labs, Tactile Entertainment Release Airheads Jump on iOS

Crazy Labs has announced the launch of its newest game on iOS devices: Airheads Jump. Developed by Chasing Yello developer Tactile Entertainment, the vertical jumping game sees players collecting colorful living orbs, called Airheads, and sending them bouncing high into the sky to defeat tikis, rescue their friends, collect coins and escape the waiting jaws of an evil titan.

In each level of Airheads Jump, players tilt their device back and forth to control their Airhead’s movement in the air. Each stage is full of floating platforms, and while many are stationary, some disappear when touched, and others move across the screen. Gamers can tap on the screen to double-jump and cross greater distances in a single bounce, but the necessity to do so depends on the level’s goal.

Airheads JumpSome stages ask players to bounce a specific number of meters into the sky, while others focus on collecting large numbers of coins. A third level type sees players bouncing into tikis to defeat them, with said tikis being moving, living enemies that fly and leap all around the screen. The game contains over 100 levels at launch, including boss encounters that see gamers collecting keys and rescuing trapped Airheads from cages.

Each hero has a different special stat boost when active. For instance, the base Airhead, a beach ball, has a power jump bonus, while the military Airhead earns bonus points when defeating tikis. A princess Airhead earns bonus points when hitting special “bouncer” pads in the sky, a dragon earns extra points when collecting multiple groups of coins in a row, and so on. These boosts can be upgraded using coins. Outside of collecting them in stages, players can purchase large coin bundles with real money.

Regardless of their chosen Airhead, players have access to a number of power-ups before each game begins. Users can purchase a “path guide,” which shows them the proper bouncing path to take into the sky for the least challenge, powers that freeze the clock during timed levels, magnets for collecting all nearby coins, and so on. If players want a power-up, but can’t afford it, they can watch an ad to unlock one for free. Similarly, players can watch a video ad when they fail a level (by falling back down to earth) to earn a second chance.

Players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their final score. Gamers can replay stages to earn missed stars or extra coins, but will lose a life if they fail to complete a level’s goals before falling off of the screen.

“This release marks a new era for Crazy Labs publishing, where alongside unique indie content we’re publishing AAA titles from the world’s most highly acclaimed game development studios,” said Uri Golan, developer relations manager at Crazy Labs. “The team at Tactile did an amazing job taking this game genre to the next level with fluid animations, impeccable game design and fanatic attention to detail.”

Airheads Jump is now available to download for free on iOS devices.

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