Crazy Labs’ Cheating Tom Launches on iOS

TabTale’s Crazy Labs publishing brand has announced the release of Cheating Tom on iOS devices. The game was originally released on Android at the end of July, and has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times since launch. Cheating Tom challenges players to cheat their way through school by tapping and holding on the screen to copy off of other students’ pages, without getting caught by the teacher.

Cheating Tom offers over 100 levels of increasingly difficult gameplay, with each requiring users to cheat from enough students to fill the bar at the top of the screen. The bar is split into letter grades, so players may be stuck with a B or C grade if they fail to fill the bar completely before time runs out. Users must hit at least the lowest letter grade to successfully complete a level.

In each level, teachers will be distracted at the front of the class, and will periodically check on students via a highlighted view cone. The game gives users a slight warning this checkup is coming, giving them enough time to stop cheating and race back to their seats before the view cone hits them (the player returns to their seat automatically when not cheating). While each level contains multiple students, and it may seem easiest to repeatedly cheat off of the closest student, some classmates eventually become angry and will alert the teacher that something is wrong.

Other students may leave the classroom entirely unless they’re quickly “cheated from,” which eliminates a cheating location for the rest of the level and (in theory) makes it more difficult to complete in time. Still other students provide twice the amount of cheating material at a single glance, but this takes longer to actually activate, and thereby opens up players to a larger chance of getting caught by the teacher.

Players can replay stages to increase their letter grades (they must have a certain number of grade credits to keep unlocking levels), and they’ll eventually unlock power-ups to help them out. One makes the player invisible, even if the teacher is looking right at them, while another allows users to teleport instantly from one desk to another, without wasting time walking. These powers appear automatically on random students, and it’s up to players to go after them manually.

Cheating Tom is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play. On Android, more than 50 percent of users play at least five game sessions per week, with some users playing the game more than 20 times per day.

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