Crazy? Crazy For Royalty-Free Images!


It seems those stock houses are always trying to trick us into viewing their extensive catalogs of images. And it seems we’ve fallen for it once again. Gestalt, the newest gimmick from Getty Images, begins with a Rorschach test to see if you’re insane enough to understand the rather complicated (and somewhat creepy) process of matching inkblots with images:

How it works: Players enter a virtual therapist’s office and select one of three Rorschach inkblots. For each inkblot chosen, 10 royalty-free images appear and players are challenged to find the image contained within the inkblot. After each “therapy session,” players are entered into a daily drawing to win $1,000. At the end of the promotion, all players who participated will additionally be entered into a drawing to win the fantasy experience of their choice (one winner will select an experience from among six options).

Or you could just grab a soda and watch this.