CQ Weekly: The Cover

In this week’s CQ Weekly cover story, “So Much for Super,” reporter Joseph Schatz explains what happens after the collapse of the Supercommittee and suggests the bad blood between the parties could make for even more infighting in Congress. Also: CQ‘s Keith Perine reports on the Supreme Court considering if fining for foul language makes sense in the age of cable and the internet. Look for the full story later this week online.

An excerpt: So the deficit committee may be out of business. But its conflicts will live on, possibly more inflamed than before, reinforcing the public perception that Congress is hopelessly dysfunctional. “That will define this next year, I believe, in this country,” Sen. John Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat and panel member, said after he led last-minute discussions aimed at reaching a deal on taxes. “This fight just begins, because now, we’re going to hold people accountable.” …“The failure of the supercommittee means it is time for the real committee — Congress — to act. Congress cannot delegate hard decisions any longer,” added Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, a deficit hawk who was not part of the talks.