CQ-Roll Call Adds, Shifts, but Still no Outside “Change Agent” as Management Recently Asserted

Roll Call-CQ Editorial Director Mike Mills lays out the new landscape for the publication in an e-mail to staff.

It’s lengthy, so here’s the summary:

– Announcements to come regarding expanding the pub beyond the Beltway to let people know “what’s really” happening in Congress.

– David Hawkings leaves Managing Editor post at CQ Weekly to become editor of new free e-mail newsletter called The CQ-Roll Call Daily Briefing.

– Fred Barbash replaces Hawkings as CQ Weekly’s Managing Editor.

– Steve Gettinger returns to CQ as deputy managing editor of CQ Weekly. He’ll work alongside Barbash.

So far, still no “change agent from the outside” addition as Mills said he wanted at the time of Roll Call Editor Charlie Mitchell’s resignation. We’ll keep you posted.
Read the internal memo after the jump…

> Clarification: Mills has said he would find an “outside change agent” for the position of Roll Call Editor. This does not apply to CQ publications despite the operation being called CQ-Roll Call. According to Mills, Roll Call, CQ Weekly and CQ Today will remain separate and distinct — they are not merging into CQ-Roll Call.


This fall CQ-Roll Call will make a series of announcements that will bolster our ranks with even more top talent, launch new and improved products and introduce our newly merged company to a wider audience of people inside and outside the Beltway who need to understand what’s really happening in Congress and in Washington. This memo naming three important staff changes is the first of many new moves to come.

I’m pleased to announce that David Hawkings will leave his position as Managing Editor of CQ Weekly, a post he has held for six years, to become editor of a new, free e-mail newsletter called the CQ-Roll Call Daily Briefing. Every weekday when Congress is in session, David will draw upon his 20-plus years of experience as a reporter, editor and expert on Congress to keep readers up on the latest developments on Capitol Hill and around Washington and why they’re important. Each issue will sample some of the top stories from the CQ and Roll Call newsrooms as well as from Congress.org, our website for the politically engaged. The CQ-Roll Call Daily Briefing, which will replace the CQ Today Midday Update, is the first phase in our plan to raise our company’s profile inside the Beltway and beyond. David joined CQ in 1995 as an assitant [sic] editor of the then-CQ Daily Monitor, later became its editor, and has held many important positions in the newsroom since then — including Inside Congress editor, Economics Editor, CQ Weekly Assistant Managing Editor and managing editor for news. He has also served as editor of Politics in America and has long been one of our top institutional experts on Congress, appearing frequently on MSNBC, Fox, CNN, C-SPAN and a regular weekly radio segment on WAMU. The CQ-Roll Call Daily Briefing will debut on Nov. 4.

I am also thrilled to announce that Fred Barbash will be succeeding David as the new Managing Editor of the CQ Weekly magazine. As you know, Fred joined us not even a month ago as Deputy Managing Editor, a title he assumed while we paved the way for this announcement. Fred came to us from Politico, where he created and ran a political blog and was a senior editor helping young journalists hone their craft. Before that, he served as reporter and editor at the Washington Post, with stints as London Bureau Chief, Supreme Court correspondent and National Editor before taking a buyout in 2006. He taught for two years at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Fred is the author of a book and numerous articles in the field of constitutional history.

We’re also very pleased that Steve Gettinger will be returning to CQ as Deputy Managing Editor of the Weekly, where he’ll work with Fred to manage the magazine’s stories and production on a weekly basis. Steve comes to us from National Journal, where he has been a managing editor for White House and economics news. Those of us who have been here for a while know from personal experience that Steve is one of the smartest and most thoughtful editors in town — he was at CQ for 15 years, starting as a reporter and later serving as Inside Congress editor and as senior editor. He left in 1999 for Bloomberg and went to NJ a few years later. Like Fred, Steve knows the value of precision in writing and editing and knows how to help writers unravel complicated subjects and tell stories in lively ways. He understands Congress, the world of policy, and what information our stakeholder clients want and need, as well as anyone. And he’s a great collaborator to boot. Steve is a graduate of Pomona College and has a master’s in journalism from Columbia University.

Please join us in welcoming Steve aboard on Oct. 28 and in congratulating David and Fred on their new roles.