CQ Makes Sweet Friendship to Political Wire

FBDC has learned that CQ is taking their friendship with Political Wire to the next level in hopes of upping their game online. Below is the internal memo about the “friends with benefits” relationship from CQ’s Exec. Ed Bruce Drake:

“If you’ve visited the CQ Politics page today, you will have seen something new: an enhanced partnership with the Political Wire web site which was launched by Taegan Goddard back in 1999. Taegan’s site has built a large following and, now, by more tightly integrating his site with ours, we believe that we are not only strengthening the content offerings of both sites, but teaming up to build increased traffic to each. His site also has been redesigned to prominently feature CQ Politics’ material. We have been working with Taegan since 1996, and that has paid off with many page-views being delivered to us by Political Wire. Now, we’re taking that partnership to another level (and, hopefully, our traffic along with it).”

UPDATE: Because FBDC does not alter content from internal memos, we should note that CQ was not working with PW in 1996 (unless they were breaking news via dial-up AOL). That line should read “2006.” I guess even editors need editors.