Courtney Love Cleared In Twitter ‘Twibel’ Legal Case

Courtney Love Cleared In Twitter 'Twibel' Legal Case

A tweet posted by Courtney Love, singer and frontwoman of the band Hole, was not defamatory, a US jury has decided in a closely-watched and possibly landmark legal case.

In 2010 Love published a tweet which read as follows:

“@noozjunkie I was fucking devestated [sic] when Rhonda J. Holmes esq. of san diego was bought off @FairNewsSpears perhaps you can get a quote.”

Love had hired Holmes to file a fraud case against the estate of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, her late husband, but the relationship deteriorated. Love claimed that the tweet was intended as a direct message and was immediately deleted once she realised her mistake. Love’s legal team argued that the tweet was only seen by the two people mentioned in the message and only came to light after it was made a legal issue by Holmes.

Moreover, while the tweet contained false information, in Love’s mind it was believed to be a truthful statement. The jury agreed with her version of events.

“I was really happy for the firm and for me and for everybody that the case could have affected if it had been adverse,” Love said to NBC reporters after the verdict, before tweeting:

Holmes had been seeking $8 million in damages.

“At the end of the day, her biggest asset in life is her reputation,” said Holmes’s lawyer Mitchell Langberg.

“That she got back today.”

(Courtney Love image via Shutterstock.)