Counting Crows At Seven Grand


There is perhaps no better way to ensure the success of your bar than to focus much of your attention on a room that only 50% of the clientele is guaranteed to see. Girls will inevitably come screeching, grabbing their friends by the wrists, yelling “You HAVE to see this.” Boys will sneak peeks. And we’re not talking about gimmicky unisex sinks you can stick your soapy hands under.

You may have heard about the Ricki Kline-designed Seven Grand, the lodgy, clubby new Los Angeles triumph. But the array of antlers, plaid carpet, and wildlife dioramas that rival those of the Bass Pro Shops pale in comparison to crows in the bathroom. With. Sparkly. Necklaces.

Yes, these are the kind of riches you can only find at the downtown haunt where we found the editor of a certain Pinkberry-obsessed blog rather intoxicated earlier this week. Apparently there is a selection of millions of whiskeys which will baffle the mind, but the real reason to drink heavily is so you can keep paying visits to your special bird friends in the back.