Counting Calories in the New Year? These Apps Will Help

Too many cookies over the holidays? Luckily it’s time for New Year’s resolutions, and in the digital age, keeping better track of your fitness and weight goals no longer needs to be a monotonous chore.

Try one of these popular — and free — calorie counting apps to track your eating habits via that smartphone glued to your hand. All the apps look fairly low-tech but they make it easy to check the calorie count in just about any food item. The app will then automatically tally your daily intake. The apps subtract calories as you enter exercise activities. Just put in your height, weight, gender, age and weight loss goal and the app will do the rest, setting up weekly weight loss goals to get you to your desired weight. (See them after the jump.)

Free Calorie Counting Apps

Fitbit (Android/iOS): You don’t need to own one of the Fitbit exercise trackers to use this popular app, but many fitness gurus like to pair the two for better results. The iOS version just got an update that turns your phone into a basic pedometer, too.

MyFitnessPal (Android/iOS/Windows): This calorie counter is known for its large database of foods (more than 3 million), so you can always get an accurate count.

LoseIt! (Android/iOS): Earn badges and motivate your friends through this app’s special features. You’ll also find a bar scanner that lets you quickly find a food without even typing.

LiveStrong Calorie Tracker (Android/iOS): There is both a paid and free version of this colorful app that hews to the LiveStrong credo of putting your health first. You can quickly see how many calories you’ve consumed during each meal in this app that offers a quick snapshot on the home screen.

Bonus motivation: Get competitive with your spouse, friend or colleagues to see who can stay within their daily allotment.

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