Could Facebook Spawn a Hugo Chavez Uprising?

-Hugo Chavez Photo-We’ve covered multiple international protests that have been initiated on Facebook. While there haven’t been many protests to speak of over the past week, we continue to be on the lookout for upcoming political events initiated on the site. One country which I’ve been wondering about increasingly is Venezuela after watching Frontline’s “The Hugo Chavez Show“, something that I think everybody should take the time to watch.

The show highlights how much control Hugo Chavez has over the Venezuelan media, hosting his own weekly show which often goes on for hours. During the show he essentially lectures the country on his ideals and spends time placing blame on his advisors to are required to attend the show every week. With the rapid increase in poverty and crime, one has to wonder how much longer the country will support their leader.

Clearly not everybody in the country supports Chavez. The country is highly polarized, effectively highlighted by the 2004 recall referendum submitted by the National Electoral Council. Hundreds of thousands of protesters filled the streets of downtown Caracas as illustrated in the photo below, found on Wikipedia.

-Chavez Protest Photo-

With around 10 percent of the country’s population on Facebook (Venezuela Facebook statistics, one has to wonder if Facebook or other social platforms could soon be the center for an uprising. One group started on Facebook aimed to find 1,000 members who were not in support of Hugo Chavez. That group has now attracted over 55 thousand members.

While the state of affairs in Venezuela is clearly complex, it appears that social technology would be the perfect tool for building an anti-Chavez movement. Do you think this is something that might occur? Do you think the Frontline documentary paints an accurate portrait of the state of Venezuela?