Copyediting 101…102…103…

Have a knack for grammar and know AP, CMS, and/or MLA style inside and out? Maybe you want to try copyediting.

We mention this because not only does mediabistro have a bazillion copyediting courses coming up, but we just discovered a fantastically thorough and free resource for copyeditors and copyeditor wannabes at Katharine O’Moore-Klopf’s web site.

The Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base is chock-full of reading material and examples, and it is free, free, free. Learn where to get formal training and/or certification, see sample letters to clients (a project estimate, a sample contract), learn about reference books to buy, and so on.

And those courses we mentioned? If you do feel like you want something more substantial: this one takes place online, this one is located at mediabistro’s NY headquarters, and this one starts in a couple weeks in DC.