Copy Editor Scorches Neighbor in Blistering Post

AAAAAsx_VToAAAAAAMUrmg.jpg It’s never wise to antagonize the copy editor – he or she can mess with your copy like none other. But it’s not all that smart to cross one in regular life, either, especially one with a blog about the Orioles.

No matter that it’s supposed to be about the Orioles. One can stray from the topic in a flash, which is what The Hill‘s Chief Copy Editor Mike Laws did over the weekend when he got into a tangle with a neighbor. Laws, having just returned from what sounded to be a lovely cross-country trip to San Francisco, came home to find himself locked out of his abode. Details are sketchy and complicated, but suffice it to say the neighbor could have helped him out, but instead declared any assistance against condo board rules.

Hence, the scathing post from Laws on his blog regarding his “f–king a–hole” neighbor.

> Update: Laws writes, “The night takes its first of two additional sharp turns for the worse.” In other words, he has to call a locksmith while coping with a very annoying teenage girl in the lobby. Pretty hilarious. Read here.