Coombs Takes On Birnbaum

So, first new Washington Times hire Jeffrey Birnbaum had some critiques of the paper (before he came along, naturally), and then he had to explain his comments to a few staffers and now this, via US News: Former WaTimes heavy Fran Coombs has written this email to Birnbaum:

    “I was troubled by your comments on C-SPAN late last month about the decline of The Washington Times and the paper’s lack of ‘real journalistic standards’ before the arrival of you and John Solomon. That’s exactly what I would expect an ex-Washington Post reporter to say. But as a top editor at The Washington Times for nearly 20 years before that, I must disagree. The men and women in that newsroom (most of whom you continue to count on today) consistently and purposely put out a newspaper that represented middle American values and taxpayer concerns, despite the criticism of the one-ideology-fits-all, self-designated ‘mainstream’ media. In recent years, whether we were first warning of a housing bubble about to burst, derailing Harriet Miers’s Supreme Court nomination, or highlighting Dick Durbin’s comparison of Guantanamo with Nazi concentration camps, the journalists at The Washington Times followed their own agenda and no one else’s.”

Read the rest here. Another former WaTimes’r, Stacy McCain, also takes on Birnbaum.